Bluehost is an award winning shared webhosting company that is devoted to giving high quality services. The company has been providing webhosting solutions for both individual and business needs since 1996 when it was founded. Today, the company hosts over 1.9 million domains and the number keeps rising each month by a whopping 20,000. Bluehost’s exponential growth has been highly attributed to its longstanding remarkable record in service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Bluehost currently owns a world-class data center in Provo, Utah which is estimated to be worth more than 20 million US dollars. The data center houses over 8,000 high end servers and thousands of security features. The company also currently employs over 500 full time employees who monitor the day to day running activities of the datacenter and also provide support.

True to its goal, Bluehost offers unparalleled hosting solutions at an exceptionally low price. With prices that can go as low as $4.95, a subscriber can enjoy a number of unlimited offers such as unlimited domain hosting and unlimited hosting space. Compared to other webhosting service providers, this is truly an unbelievable offer.

Bluehost Features Overview

Bluehost offers a number of features that easily elucidate why you should choose the company as your preferred webhosting provider. Some of these features include:-

User Friendly cPanel

Bluehost hosting offers a unique cPanel that is not only intuitive but very functional. Almost every aspect of an account holders hosting account features are managed by the cPanel. An account holder can manage domains, manage FTP accounts, manage email accounts and even contact the customer support team through the cPanel.

Content Management Systems and site builders

For those who are short of time and require a website within the shortest time possible. Blue host offers a number of content management systems, site builders and website templates. These tools do not require any prior website design knowledge therefore almost anyone can use them. For those who need help, they can contact the customer support team or post a question on the company’s forum page.

E-commerce tools

For those who would like to build powerful functional shopping carts and payment gateways. Bluehost offers a number of tools to easily monetize your site. These tools include shopping cart scripts such as OS Commerce, Cube Cart and Zen Cart.


Bluehost offers account holders unlimited emails. Users can create an unlimited number of emails on all the different domains hosted on their account. Each email account can also hold a capacity of their own liking since hosting space is not limited. For those who would like to use email clients such as Outlook or thunderbird, they can do so using the guidelines offered on the cPanel. For those who are worried about spam emails and email security, Bluehost offers a software known as Spam Assasin. This software not only protects you from unsolicited mail but protects your emails from unscrupulous hackers.

Unlimited Databases

With Bluehost web hosting one can host as many MYSQL databases as they need. Each of these databases can also be managed remotely using a number of tools such as EMS SQL Manager and phpMyadmin.